For your peace of mind, since 1982.

Alimony Termination

Do you suspect your former spouse is living with someone else while you are paying maintenance? The lack of an intimate or sexual relationship does not prohibit a finding of cohabitation!

Process Service

Downtown Chicago service starting at only $49. Rush service available.

Background Checks

Complete background checks are available for criminal, marital, property and civil matters.

Heritage Investigations

Heritage Investigations, based in Chicago, is a professionally licensed Illinois Private Detective Agency that has been serving the investigative needs of individuals and businesses since 1982.


Made In Chicago

Candid radio interview by Steve Miller News Radio 780 WBBM Chicago with the owner of Heritage Investigations

Hear the surprise ending of his story

I found him with a woman in a motel, got videotape of them there, got videotape of them making out in the car..."