PT-V3 GPS Tracker

PT-V3 GPS Tracking Devices
GPS tracker technology has evolved yet again with the PT-V3’s better connectivity enhancing its portability. The PT-V3 is a truly LIVE tracking device, updating every 10 seconds for up to 10 hours of movement on a single battery charge. With the PT-V3, you can watch live as the person carrying the PT-V3 walks or drives. Every movement is recorded so you can play it back up to 90 days later.

This GPS tracking device requires a service plan.

PT-V3 GPS Tracking Device $229 (free shipping)


PT-V3 PRO GPS Tracker


Take the PT-V3 to the next level and get the PT-V3 Pro. It’s the same PT-V3 including a Pelican™ Case with an 80lb-pull magnet for adhering to steel and an extended battery that increases operational time to 75 hours.

This GPS tracking device requires a service plan.

PT-V3 PRO GPS Tracking Device with extended life battery & charger, and Pelican Case $378 (free shipping)


Pelican™ Case & 75-hour Extended Battery Combo


The case is perfect to house the PT-V3 along with the extended battery (60 to 80 hours of tracking). It allows you to quickly move your tracking device from one vehicle to another and it’s weather resistant. The Pelican™ Case with 80lb-pull Magnet is just what you’ll need for the confidence knowing that your tracking device is easily transferred from one vehicle or asset to the next and that it’s protected from what Mother Nature can throw at it. *PT-V3 tracking device not included.

Pelican™ Case & 75-hour Extended Battery Combo $155 + $7 shipping


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