GPS Tracking Devices


Heritage Investigations offers a variety of GPS tracking devices for vehicles in the Chicago area.
Track your spouse, teenager, or employee anywhere they drive or park 24/7 on your phone or computer.
Track multiple vehicles.
Set up alerts to notify you when they enter or leave an area you specify.
View historical reports to see where they have been and how long they stayed.
Can be used to track and recover stolen vehicles.


No contracts, no minimums. Free Standard Shipping!


PT-V3 GPS Tracking Devices


• Transmits location every 20 feet if walking, every 10 seconds if driving
• Small – 3.9“L x 2.28”W x .90”H
• No external antenna
• Multiple alert notifications by email or text message (geofences, speed, etc.)
• 100% web-based | no software to install | accessible from anywhere
• Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery for up to 10 days
• Internal motion sensor extends battery life
• Small and fast with no wires and no hassle – unlimited possibilities
• Stronger connectivity
• Extended life battery (optional)
• Water-proof & magnetic enclosure (optional)

$229 + IL Sales Tax

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We may be able to install the device for you or provide you with detailed instructions on how to do it yourself.

Our devices are available to rent immediately and can often be put on the same day you call. They work with almost every vehicle.

Our rates start at $450 for 2 weeks of 24 hour GPS tracking, and $850 for 30 days. If you need the device for a shorter or longer period, please give us a call! We are happy to discuss a custom pricing package with you.

Our systems are perfect for the following applications and industries:

  • Safety and Security
    • * Worried about your personal vehicle going missing? Our GPS tracking systems can provide you with the ability to locate your vehicle at any time.
    • * Parent of a teenager? Our system allows you to easily find out where your teen is currently, here they’ve been and how long they were there.
  • Construction & Contracting GPS Tracking
  • Courier & Messenger Delivery GPS Tracking
  • GPS Tracking for Lawn & Landscaping
    • * Manage mobile employees and assets efficiently.
    • * Minimize unauthorized use and save on fuel.
    • * Serve your customers better through communicating realistic arrival times.
    • * Do this all now for less than a dollar a day per vehicle.
  • GPS Tracking for Law Enforcement
  • Heavy Equipment Tracking
  • Private Ambulance Tracking
  • Snow Plow GPS Tracking
  • Tow Truck GPS Tracking
  • Waste & Recycling Fleet Tracking