Is Your Phone Bugged?

Worried Your Phone Might Be Bugged and Spying On Your Activities?

Cell Phone Forensics and Spyware Removal Service is available if you suspect your phone might be bugged. Digital snooping of smartphones and tablets is more prevalent and harder to detect than ever. Access to spyware and hidden GPS tracking apps is easier and bugged

• Think your phone or tablet needs to be debugged and don’t know who to trust?

• Smartphone spyware is a very real and present danger. It is powerful, easy to install, and allows
unlimited access to your private information.

• Suspect somebody may have compromised your privacy with a keystroke logger or other spyware?

• Someone can access all of your texts, passwords, photos, emails and locations without your
knowledge from anywhere in the world.

• Do others appear to have inside information on your emails, texts, photos, activities or movements and you are not sure how they know?

• Cyber-spies can look through your cell phone camera, listen through your microphone, and upload all your data to an offsite server. You won’t even know until it’s too late.

Is Your Phone Bugged?

Subtle signs that your phone is acting up include flashing screens, weird hesitations or lock ups, static or strange noises, unusually high network usage, and sudden battery drains. Only a thorough extraction and scan of your smartphone or tablet can determine the facts.

How Would Your Life Change If All the Information On Your Phone Was Made Public?

Our investigators are trained to scan your devices and debug any spyware or tracking apps on your smartphone or tablet.

They will bring a Remote Extraction Instrument to scan, identify and delete dangerous spyware from your cell phone to keep you safe.

They determine if you are being tracked, monitored or tapped through your phone or table and remove malware when possible or recommend steps to eliminate the threat.

They can perform a basic scan and malware removal procedure or a complete remote extraction with your data downloaded to a USB drive which includes a comprehensive report.

The process is quick and inexpensive. The phone never leaves your possession and nobody EVER views any of the content on the phone. Let us protect your private and confidential information from digital criminals.

Let us scan your smartphone or tablet and find you the answers you deserve. We can schedule you with in 24-hours or less in most cases.

For your peace of mind, since 1982.