Worried Your Phone Might Be Bugged and  Spying On Your Activities?

phone bugged

Digital snooping of smartphones and PCs is more prevalent and harder to detect than ever.  Access to spyware and hidden GPS tracking apps is easier and cheaper.

  • • Think your phone or PC needs to be debugged and don’t know who to trust?
  • • Suspect somebody may have compromised your privacy with a keystroke logger or other spyware?
  • • Maybe your emails or texts seem to be read or are deleted by themselves.
  • • Do others appear to have inside information on your emails, texts, photos, activities or movements and you are not sure how they know?
  • • Are you the victim of cyber bullying or cyber stalking?

Phone Bugged?

Subtle signs that your phone is acting up include flashing screens, weird hesitations or lock ups,  static or strange noises, unusually high network usage, and sudden battery drains.  Only a thorough dump and debug of your smartphone or PC can determine the facts.

Our associates, digital forensic technicians, sweep your devices and debug any spyware or tracking apps on your smartphone or PC.  They determine if you are being tracked, monitored or tapped through your phone or PC and remove malware when possible or recommend steps to eliminate the threat.

Let us debug your phone or PC and find you the answers you deserve.  Contact us now!


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