Is Your Spouse Cheating?

Looking for signs of a cheating spouse? Your spouse/partner may be cheating if you notice any of the following changes:

  • They leave for work earlier than they used to or need to.
  • They start working overtime or weekends.
  • They start to travel more out of town, “on business” or “separate vacations.”
  • They can only be reached by cell phone and not at their hotel while traveling.
  • They have the same co-workers or employees travel with them on every trip.
  • They start talking about another person, often!
  • They don’t return cell phone calls to you as quickly as before.
  • They have suspicious cell phone numbers stored or dialed.
  • They keep their phone face down or attached to their hip.cheating boyfriend
  • They go to another room to talk on the phone or text.
  • They recently added a pass code to their phone.
  • They suddenly change the billing address for the phone.
  • They no longer receive detailed billing statements for their phone.
  • They suddenly take more pride and care with their clothes and appearance.
  • They demonstrate an increased or decreased sexual desire for you.
  • They are too drunk to come home and spend the night at a “friends” house!
  • They spend more time with friends at gatherings that don’t include you.
  • They go out on last minute night out with the boys/girls.
  • They increase the amount of time they spend online.
  • They establish new e-mail accounts.
  • They display more interest in your schedule.
  • The mileage on the car they use is higher than usual with no apparent reason.
  • Their clothing smells of perfume or cologne.
  • You discover unexplained payments and withdrawals on bank statements.
  • They have unexplained receipts in their wallet or purse.

We offer a variety of services including surveillance and GPS tracking devices to determine if you have a cheating spouse.

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