Suspect Your Spouse is Cheating?

Signs your partner is cheating on you

Your spouse may be cheating if you notice any of the following changes:

  • They leave for work earlier than they used to or need to.
  • They go to another room to talk on the phone or text.
  • They increase the amount of time they spend online.
  • They start talking about another person, often!
  • They don’t return phone calls to you as quickly as before.
  • They demonstrate an increased or decreased sexual desire for you.
  • They start to travel more out of town, “on business” or “separate vacations.”
  • They have the same co-workers or employees travel with them on every trip.
  • They suddenly take more pride and care with their clothes and appearance.
  • Their clothing smells of perfume or cologne.
  • They go out on last minute night out with the boys/girls.
  • They start working overtime or weekends.
  • They display more interest in your schedule.
  • The mileage on the car they use is higher than usual with no apparent reason.
  • You discover unexplained payments and withdrawals on bank statements.

You suspect that your partner is cheating, you know something is wrong and now you need to confirm your suspicions. This may not be their first affair and the broken trust in your marriage or couple relationship may not be healed. Worse yet, your partner may blame your suspicions on your “paranoia” or “emotions” and deny anything is wrong. Hiring a private investigator to catch a cheating spouse can be a complicated decision that may result in a wide range of consequences for your family.

We specialize in marital infidelity investigative services including covert and mobile surveillance, and GPS tracking devices to determine if you have a cheating spouse. Heritage Investigations & Surveillance have successfully handled thousands of cases involving marital infidelity in the Chicago Metropolitan area. Our private investigators are discreet and they can get the answers you deserve.

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