Surveillance Investigations

Our private investigators gather evidence for you through surveillance operations that include digital photography, digital video and vehicle tracking. When you hire Heritage Investigations & Surveillance you are benefiting from over four decades of experience in the Chicago and Chicago suburban area.

Professional Surveillance Tactics

The type of surveillance required depends on the nature of the activities in question. Our private investigators utilize professional tactics and equipment to covertly monitor, follow and record a subject’s activities and interactions.

Here are three basic examples of the circumstances we encounter and our surveillance strategy.


The target is at a fixed location and the subject’s activities and interactions are typically documented using one investigator at a time.  Investigators may be switched out for breaks and to reduce the chance of detection.

In cases of infidelity, child custody, and alimony elimination the suspect’s activity occurs at their home or other frequented location.


Investigators may place a specific location under surveillance to monitor a subject and track their movements after they leave either on foot or in a vehicle.  In some cases a GPS tracking device may aid in tracking the subject’s movements.

In cases of cheating spouses they may have a secret rendezvous bar after work for drinks followed up with a trip to their lover’s place.  One or more investigators may follow the subject and/or their lover and capture digital photographs or video of their interactions in public.


Motion sensitive digital video cameras are surreptitiously left unattended near the subject and their activities are recorded.  An investigator is needed to drop off, aim and retrieve the camera and recording equipment.

In cases of workers compensation fraud the suspect activity may involve outdoor jobs where using a vehicle with a HD digital video camera can record activities.

State of the Art Equipment

We utilize the latest technology when conducting a surveillance investigation. This includes HD cameras, GPS tracking devices and more.

  • Exceptional low-light HD cameras
  • Wearable & other covert cameras
  • Remote viewing & recording systems
  • Ever present smart phone cameras
  • Stake out and mobile surveillance
  • Real-time client access to GPS tracker app
  • Multilingual investigators

Surveillance Examples

Our private investigators are experienced in multiple surveillance situations and have the skills, patience and discretion to unobtrusively observe your target in order to gather evidence you need.

Heritage Investigations & Surveillance has over 40 years experience in activity surveillance and mobile tracking. We offer professional rates for your short term project or on-going operation. Veteran Owned Small Business.

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