Fraud Investigations

Heritage Investigations performs fraud investigations on a regular basis. We provide individuals, employers and insurance companies the answers that they deserve!

Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations

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Do you suspect a phony claim, exaggerated or phantom injury? Wondering if your employee may be working for cash or under a different name? Concerned that you might be dealing with crooked doctors or lawyers? Our investigations have identified falsified claims of disability including:

  • Client targeted by self-employed contractor who filed workers comp for back injury classified as an employee. Surveillance revealed subject carrying tables, chairs and boxes outside for a yard sale. Additional surveillance showed him duck squatting while washing his car, carrying his daughter in his arms, and playing soccer with his son.
  • Roofer videotaped working at a construction site carrying sheets of plywood on a pitched roof.
  • Subject claimed knee injury was videotaped playing center field, hitting a triple and high fiving team mates during a softball game.

Our investigators have years of experience watching employees with work-related injuries and provide you the evidence you need, from HD video evidence, GPS tracking logs, to sworn statements and written reports.

Small Business or Self-Insured

Do you have questions about whether or not your employee is falsifying their worker’s compensation claims? Have you been sued over workmans comp coverage? Workers comp fraud is a felony and convictions may include prison. Applicant background checks are a good predictor of fraudulent claims.

Craigslist Ad Fraud

We can search archived and deleted Craigslist ads and send you the results.

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