Child Custody Investigations

Concerned About Who Your Child Is Living With?

Reaching an acceptable agreement on child custody was probably the hardest part of divorcing your partner. Now you may be wondering if the circumstances your child lives in are still in their best interest. You may know something is not right, but need help proving it to the courts.

  • Is your ex-spouse cohabiting in violation of a child custody order?
  • Not sure who has custody of  your child when the custodial parent is not present?
  • Does another person have influence on your child and has given you a reason to question the stability of their environment or emotional conditions?
  • Suspect your ex-spouse or live-in companion has driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs with your child in the vehicle?
  • Does your ex-spouse interfere with your custodial or visitation rights?  Brings your child late, takes them early, picks them up with out permission?
  • Do you suspect your child is being abused or molested?

Child Custody Cases

The burden of proof is yours and courts require evidence of a substantial change in the stability of the child’s residential circumstances. As a licensed private investigator we can gather clear and convincing evidence you can present if you seek to modify a child custody order.  Our investigators will utilize surveillance and GPS tracking to determine who is with your child and the nature of their environment. We have interviewed babysitters, neighbors, teachers and other caregivers to find the answers you need.


When your case comes up for a hearing we offer expert testimony, video recordings, physical evidence, documentation, interviews and affidavits.  We work to support your attorney in protecting your child and your custodial rights.

For your peace of mind, since 1982.