Missing Persons

Heritage Investigations has been successfully locating all types of missing persons since 1982. Clients from around the United States and the World have found their high school or college sweethearts from the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s by hiring our agency. We specialize in the following services:

Missing Persons

– Lost Loves
– High School or College Sweethearts
– Runaway Teenagers
– Child Custody Location
– Heirs to Estates Located
– Witnesses, Adoptions

Our experienced investigators are able to locate most individuals within a reasonable period of time. If you have lost touch with a loved one, family member, old friend, or a teenage child has run away, our investigators have the experience to locate that person.

If your minor child has been kidnapped as part of a custody dispute and you have partial or full custody our detectives have been able to locate the whereabouts of that child in most cases and have been effective in returning that child to their home. Our investigative agents are available for assignment nationwide, surveillance in a custody case being a specialty.

Our investigators have been successful in locating brothers and sisters that were separated by adoption many years in the past and reuniting these siblings. Our agency can also determine the location of a birth mother, birth father, or child given up for adoption.

Location of an important witness in your civil or criminal case can be accomplished in a quick and efficient manner.

Regarding estate cases, our company has been hired by law firms, executors, and individuals from Japan, Russia, Israel, Brazil, and all over the United States to locate individual heirs.

For your peace of mind, since 1982.